Tour Schedule


Date Event City
Jan 13-15 Migrations  Austin, TEXAS
Jan 28-29 Tulsa Tribal Fusion Weekend with April Rose Tulsa, OKLAHOMA
March 1-11 The Tribal Massive
Las Vegas, NEVADA
March 16-19 TribaLX Lisbon, PORTUGAL
March 23-26 Tribal Hafla Warsaw, POLAND
April 6-9 Tribal Con Atlanta, GEORGIA
June 16-18 Choreographer’s Workshop Exposure in NYC New York, NEW YORK
Aug 30- Sep 3 Muladhara Presents April Rose Concepcion, CHILE
October 7-15 Fuse the World Tai Pei, TAIWAN
Nov 11-18 Choreographer’s Workshop & Performance Intensive Austin, TEXAS
Nov 17 & 18 Rosewater Review: Dreamscapes Austin, TEXAS


January 12-14   Migrations                                            Austin, TEXAS
March 3-11        Massive                                                 Las Vegas, NEVADA
April 5-8             Cues & Tattoos                                    Seattle, WASHINGTON
May 3-6              Elevation                                              Golden, COLORADO
June 28-July 1   Revolution                                           Chicago, ILLINOIS
July 13-15          Bayou Belly                                           Lafayette, LOUISIANA
July 28-30          TribalDiva Presents: April Rose       Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND
August 4-7         Zhen Zhen Presents: April Rose        Chongqing, CHINA