Video: Bardo

Looking back at my previous writings I see how this dance came out of me. I still don’t understand how it is I made a dance about the ultimate beauty of death and suffering just before I would experience a year of many family deaths. Life is filled with so many strange coincidences.  If I was going to name this dance, I think I’d call it “Bardo.” One day, I’d love to expand it to an evening-length show.

From “Orientalis: The Legacy of Bellydance”

In this contemporary bellydance piece, a story unfolds of life, death, and transcendence.

Performed by Laura Selenzi, Monique Ryan, Kimberly Larkspur, Michelle Sorensen, & Jenna Shear under the direction of April Rose

Music: “Arabian Dance / Mina’s Photo / Hope & Summer Overture” by
Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Anton Copolla, Clint Mansell

Choreography: April Rose with dancers


About April Rose

Bellydancer | Choreographer | Researcher M.A., Dance Studies, UCLA Dance Thoughtfully. Dance Playfully.
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One Response to Video: Bardo

  1. Océane says:

    This really is a gorgeous production April. I too suffered a death in the family in 2016 so this video really made an impression; there is always hope after death as so many Eastern religions tell us. The dancers and costumes are beautiful and the choreography is stunning. I loved all of the Orientalis pieces, I have watched them all. What a clever way to depict the history of belly dance. Thank you and bravo!

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