Enjoy the Unachievable Journey to Perfection

I want to share some thoughts with you…

"Dance Thoughtfully" Portrait of April Rose by Rodin Eckenroth

“Dance Thoughtfully” Portrait of April Rose by Rodin Eckenroth

Everything is always in a state of change. Nothing is ever the fullest expression of itself -no relationship, body, or artwork.

–Except in moments.

Those special, often fleeting, moments are called communion with the divine.

The craft of making art, the practice of disciplined creativity, is a journey in learning to perfect techniques.


So we can elongate those moments of communion. So we can be a better, more acute instrument for the divine.

To be a human is to live creatively. We have a special consciousness and ability, unlike other animals, to make art. Whether as architects of grand temples, painters of frescos, writers of poetry, or dancers of a specific technique. As artists, as humans, we creatively engage in the practice of reaching toward an ideal.

Here is the big secret: the ideal is unattainable. The perfection we are moving toward, through disciplined practice, will never be reached. Our artworks will never be the fullest expression of themselves.

Knowing this, we continue the journey anyway. The unending journey is one of the most valuable and essentially human things we can do. Enjoy the ride. Enjoy the moments when life and love seem to pulse in their fullest expression. Learn to elongate those moments by fine-tuning your craft. Know that you will never reach your destination, and continue to walk anyway.

–April Rose
June 2014.


About April Rose

Bellydancer | Choreographer | Researcher M.A., Dance Studies, UCLA Dance Thoughtfully. Dance Playfully.
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