The High Priestess’ To-Do List

Multi-tasking hard worker though I am,

Productivity is not the name of the game.

Fostering a complex, near complete, peaceful internal life is our mission.

Everything we take on and put out into the world should support that mission.

In my experience, once you push yourself to your maximum capability it is hard to back off further down the road.  You know how tedious of a to-do list you can handle, you know if conditions are right you can do it in a miraculous amount of time.  But pushing yourself

The High Priestess.  Rider Waite Tarot.

The High Priestess. Rider Waite Tarot.

to the max allows no space and time for fostering your internal life, for contemplation, for simply being-in-the-world, for learning your lessons.  Filling your schedule definitely does not account for unexpected opportunity or for healing from unexpected tragedy.

Today I made time for mundane household activities.  These duties are unrelenting and annoying.  But they do allow time for self-reflection and they have lead me to this blogging.  This blogging will lead me to pull a tarot card, and that card will encourage me to write reflections in my journal.  I must make time for these activities.  How else can an artist function?  Without a rich, replenishable supply of inspiration and contemplation?

In fact, I did pull a tarot card this morning when I couldn’t sleep:  The High Priestess.  She encourages us to examine our internal life.  She is a mediator between our consciousness and the Moon (our subconscious experience).  My lesson for today is speaking to me loud and clear now.

How appropriate a topic near the time of this year’s Supermoon!

To answer important questions you must learn to ask yourself the right question and learn to reveal to yourself the answer.  That process isn’t always easy because the subconscious, like the depths of the ocean, is a murky and unseen place.  The high priestess has her way of knowing the answers.  Yogis, monk, philosophers, artists have their way.  Most paths necessitate getting to know the Self and specify techniques for fostering your internal life.  …Their to-do lists must look a little different from ours.

By becoming acquainted with your Self your discover your  connection to other souls, to the earth and animals, and to the source that underlies us all. Without diving into our being, how can we feel the magnitude of our interconnectedness?  Going internal is an interesting sort of back-door to finding connection.  Sometimes to feel connected, peaceful, and near complete we need to shut our mouths, do less, and foster the complexity of our internal lives.  Productivity is not the only measure of our progress and in fact can sometimes hinder spiritual maturation and artistic growth.

Productivity….I think it may be my greatest addiction.


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3 Responses to The High Priestess’ To-Do List

  1. Luna says:

    Enjoyed reading this. Miss you.

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