Big Day in the Burnam Household

Today is a big day in the Burnam household!

The Burnams

I received final approval on my thesis from my committee….super helpful edits and suggestions for making it even more nuanced.  The best and most unreal part: glowing reviews from all three faculty!  I could not be happier.  These are three academics that I admire SO much and they all enjoyed reading my thesis, think it is very well done, and have suggested steps for me to take for publication (at least in parts in academic journals).  I’m incorporating their edits this weekend and will finally check this HUGE long-term goal off my bucket list!

Reed put in his resignation at work.  A job he, frankly, hates and has valiantly braved for me.  In order to support me finishing grad school he moved out to California and got himself an office job.  Now he can’t wait to get back to Texas and plants and people-people.  That’s an oversimplification: he is really sad to leave California because he has finally made some great friends and networks here. (Many of those friends were once my friends before I locked myself in my office and put my fingers in my ears and said “lalalalala. Don’t distract me from my schoolwork.” -but because they are such great people they are generously still my friends.) Plus he loves California weather and plants and geography and music and film culture etc.  Now, he only has 2 more weeks at his job!

We put in our notice of intent to vacate to our apartment manager today.  On July 2 we will be heading from Cali to Texas, all possessions either sold or loaded into a car with two cats and nothing but road ahead.  This summer we will have officially made a habit of moving halfway across the country, possessions in tow, for the last three summers.  From apartment lease, full-time student, full-time job, to drifter-status once again, floating and having adventures between the West and 3rd Coasts.

We’ve recently solidified our plans and they are vaguely as follows: July–move to Houston, TX and stay with family until December while I tour Zurich, Rome, and Moscow solo then Australia and the US with BDSS and Reed learns how to build Earth Ships and gets his Permaculture Design Certificate.  Then in January 2013 move to Austin, TX  and potentially try that “settling” thing.

We decided this year that health and spiritual satisfaction is the number one goal of our lives and that we can not trade in either of those necessities for “success” by conventional societal standards. So here we are: educated artists in love looking to reconnect with family and find our true path together.

And finally… Note to self: Don’t go to the grocery store feeling celebratory….92 dollars later….yikes!


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8 Responses to Big Day in the Burnam Household

  1. lori says:

    Congratulations on finishing your thesis and getting such positive responses. All these changes sound lovely and exciting. All the best.

  2. Alissa says:

    You and Reed are truly inspiring.

  3. Patti says:

    Have enjoyed following your progress since January when I took your workshop at Third Coast. Congratulations on your thesis completion and good luck during your next few busy months! Hope to catch you at a BDSS show!

    • April Rose says:

      Patti, I think I’ll probably be back at 3rd Coast in 2013 as a participant because I love the festival so much. And yes I hope to see you after the BDSS show when we come through.

  4. David Wyatt says:

    Hooray!! Welcome back, Cotters!

  5. April Rose says:

    Yay!!! We are excited to reunite with good Austin folk.

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