Post Grad School Goals!

I can not wait to get to my growing post-graduate school to-do/learn list.  Earning a masters degree has taken up nearly every ounce of my time and I am bursting at the seems to make and learn so many things!!

This year I resolve to keep intensively practicing and learning these things skills:

  • bellyflutters …….slowly but surely getting better.
  • zills/sagat/finger cymbals …….been putting on old 1970s bellydance LPs, strapping on my zills and dancing in the living room between thesis edits.
  • (re)learn Arabic rhythms ………How? You ask –or perhaps I unsolicitedly tell you: George Sawa‘s CD set. This man is amazing. I highly recommend his “Art of the Early Egyptian Qanun” CDs. Plus I will be stuck on a tour bus with master percussionist Issam Houshan for 4 months, so I’ll be picking his musical brain.
  • ukulele ……yes, I play and I even wrote a lil song this year about procrastination…and love.

I’m also planning to:

  • Develop my syllabus for intensive study of dance composition and bellydance history (touring these workshops beginning in 2013!)
  • choreograph like mad all the ideas I started to develop in my composition classes this past year
  • sew new costumes for the new Bellydance Superstars tour
  • update my blog on the regular

About April Rose

Bellydancer | Choreographer | Researcher M.A., Dance Studies, UCLA Dance Thoughtfully. Dance Playfully.
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